Why Should Surfers Practice Crossfit?

Posted April 16, 2015

For those who enjoy to surf, no amount of standing on a medicine ball performing rowing motions repeatedly will improve any aspect of their surfing. The ability to actually stand and successfully ride the waves is very similar to riding a bike. During extended periods away from the ocean, this is not the part of the surfing skills that may possibly be lost. What surfers need to practice is the ability to paddle and dive through the lines, then turn and perform a strong paddle (whilst already fatigued), then dynamically transition their bodies, all withgreat speed, precision and agility.

The core skills surfers must learn and directly simulated in the Crossfit workout. Within just a few Crossfit classes, people can already train and condition their bodies to optimize their surfing performance. Crossfit instructors will teach you how to train your body to utilize and maintain the proper cardio techniques. Additionally, the quick, brisk and precise movements used in Crossfit exercises will be vital when lifting up your body from laying to standing upright, with great speed and efficiency.

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