Flexibility Versus Mobility

Posted February 8, 2016

Flexibility Versus Mobility

Length of a muscle and its ability to lengthen

Strength, stability, and range of motion at a joint and through movement.

How Does This Relate to Us:
Although someone may be flexible, that doesn’t mean that they have the mobility thorough a range of motion to complete a proper and safe movement pattern. In order to have healthy mobility, we must spend time on building the components to a proper movement pattern. This means not only foam rolling and stretching, but also strengthening auxiliary muscles to our main movement patterns, deloading weight, and working on form every now and then. It might even mean substituting a more basic movement during a WOD or skill work.

Our main goal in CrossFit is to build a stronger you, even if that means you don’t do Rx or other movements that generally only build our own egos. If you’d like assistance with finding some ways to increase mobility and to improve some of your weaker movement patterns, drop us a line and we can happily offer more work to do on your own outside of or during class time.


10 Minute AMRAP

  • 20 air squats
  • 20 push ups
  • 20 mountain climbers
  • 20 burpees