Athlete of the Month Vivian Martinez

Posted February 8, 2016

Athlete of the Month Vivian Martinez

Why did you get started in CrossFit?
For a variety of reasons. The weekend hikes, softball games and occasional mile jogs were just not giving me the health results I needed. Because the first class which happened to be a Team WOD nearly had me in tears but I felt committed to pushing as hard as my teammates were and because my second class I was told to perform half the rounds. Say what? Was I really that much out of shape? Whatever it was that my then coach saw, she was right. I was dying at two rounds. These are a few of the experiences that challenged me to explore and figure out what my body could handle. So here I am, one year and seven months later (7 months at CrossFit Los Feliz), stronger and very much alive, looking back and happy that I decided to join. Though, I may not be able to prove my hard work with a six or eight pack yet. I can tell you that my body is transforming to a better version of myself. That I am happy and that I’m passionate about sharing my joy with anyone seeking a challenge.

Favorite lifts?
Well lets make it simple, I love them all except Thrusters (specially “Fran”) and OHS. As much as I cringe when I see them on the board, is not enough for me to shy away from them. Working on them consistently so that in my near future, they no longer are the game changers in my WOD’s. Practice and confidence goes a long way.

What are your goals?
My goal is to become a well-rounded CrossFit athlete and compete RX division with my better half. Oh the hubby! It was him who introduced me to my first class; yes, the one that almost made me cry. If you’ve met him, you probably know he’s a bit on the intense side so I’m not sure if the emotion from my first class was the physical activity or him in my face. I will have to reflect on that. But, within this well-rounded athlete, I’m aiming to reach a level of discipline to “no rep” myself. Even when it hurts my feelings. Just to keep me an honest being; I owe that to myself. So cheers to the process that embraces patience, focus and perspective and to my Johnny, he really is my personal coach.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in starting Crossfit?
So with this small glimpse of my journey, I hope I can encourage anyone to give CrossFit a try. Open your fitness door with an open-mind and realistic goals. Walk through willing to work without missing the fun. Embrace how strong your mental game will become because it’s not just physical. Believe you are the only one who can decide how high your goals should be. Be confident and leave egos at the door and come lift with me.

On a closing note, I must extend my gratitude to the following: the coaches for making this box a place where I can excel and approach all of you with multiple questions. The athletes for making this community welcoming and fun and to the owners for having a vision and wisdom to invest in a place where we all invest in ourselves. Go CrossFit Los Feliz, looking forward to the Open and humbled for having me as the Athlete of Month.